Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses

The folks over at Small Business Trends always have some great local digital marketing tips to share.

Today’s post has to do with local SEO efforts. If you’re interested in optimizing your own business site, it’s worth the read, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. SEO is an ongoing effort – one that is difficult for most local business owners to accomplish on their own. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or comment below.

Effective Local SEO Tips To Implement

Do the Keyword Research

I know, you are probably tired of hearing about keyword research, but it’s crucial. But I will give you this – I’m not just going to talk about keyword research – I am going to show you how to perform it. First thing first, go to the AdWords tool and set up a campaign, if you need to. Once this is accomplished, use the keyword tool and put in your current website. From there, it should pull up for you a list of tons of keywords that you are likely associated with. From there, delete all of the “Ad Groups” (left-hand column), which do not relate to you. From there, you should have 5-15 groups of keyword phrase that you can rank for. You then want to highlight the different groups and make sure that you have a different page optimized for each group of phrases.

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Six Important SEO Facts & Stats for Marketers and Local Business Owners


If you own a local Westchester, Putnam or Fairfield County  business, you already know how important it is to rank in local search results. Now that the internet has become the primary source consumers turn to for local business information, not showing up in local search is tantamount to professional suicide.

This article, reprinted from Search Engine Land, will evaluate six important local SEO statistics that should shape your priorities when it comes to local search. For each statistic, I’ve also included an actionable step or steps you can take, as well as resources for further investigation.

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