Internet Marketing and Advertising

We take a unique approach to your digital marketing which focuses on a consultative, unbiased and cost-effective strategy.

This is in response to the many challenges local business owners currently face:

  • Internet marketing is increasingly complex and fragmented; making it difficult and time consuming to manage on your own. In fact, recent research showed that the average local business spent 5-20 hours per-week managing their marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Most local business don’t have unlimited advertising budgets to experiment with.
  • There’s an increasing amount of questionable sales tactics, misleading claims and so-called “guarantees” being used by “internet marketing companies”. Chances are, you receive these calls on a daily basis.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is based on the “pay-per-click” advertising model that most major Search Engines and websites offer. This is the fastest method of increasing your businesses visibility online. Ad’s typically appear at the top and/or right side of the results page…


The benefits of Paid Search include:

  • An immediate increase in your businesses visibility and website traffic.
  • Ability to set (and adjust) your maximum daily/monthly budget
  • Target specific customers/clients within any geographic market
  • Landing Page, keyword and promotion testing. Determine what pages convert best, which keywords are most effective, and which offers generate the most interest

We employ the most proven strategies, best technology and highest levels of performance to drive strong R.O.I. on all our campaigns.

Already advertising online? Need a quote for a new campaign? Contact us to receive a proposal or a full audit of your current campaign’s effectiveness.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is typically a longer-term strategy involving more complex on & off-page factors. Our optimization projects take a local approach – focusing on the three pillars of local visibility; social media, local listings and mobile. We’ll increase your rank within the “organic sections of the results pages…


The benefits of local optimization include:

  • Increased page-rank and traffic within the Search Engines
  • Higher relevance and authority
  • Improved SEM campaign performance
  • Stronger local, national, and even global visibility

We employ the most proven strategies, best technology and highest levels of performance to drive strong R.O.I. on all our campaigns.

SEO projects are inclusive of all aspects of your local visibility, which build strong, long-lasting rank and visibility. Feel free to contact us for a free Website and Visibility Evaluation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is important for two reasons; it gives you more places be “found”, and can be one of the many ranking factors that determine your visibility within local search results. Essentially, it’s the primary source for new “word of mouth” customers and clients. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Yelp – your inclusion, participation and engagement can all be managed by our team.

Our Social Media marketing services can save you hundreds of hours and improve results – contact us to learn more!

Additional Internet marketing solutions & services include:

  • Online reputation management/ratings & reviews
  • Facebook advertising
  • Customer loyalty/retention programs
  • Email & text marketing
  • Mobile websites & landing pages
  • Ongoing marketing consultation and management

New Business “Quick Start” package!

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